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For The Public

Getting patients and the public involved with the work of the NIHR Innovation Observatory


“A key aim of the NIHR Innovation Observatory is to ensure meaningful public and patient involvement in health innovation, identification and co-creation”

Dr Lynne Corner Director of Engagement, NIHR Innovation Observatory

The experience and insight of patients, service users and carers is a fundamental and valued source of knowledge and therefore we ensure that patients and the public are active partners in all our work. Applying the NIHR INVOLVE definitions of patient and public involvement, engagement and participation, we recognise that all three elements are complimentary and essential to maximising the relevance, quality and impact of our activity.


The IMAGINE Series

This is the Innovation Observatory’s primary patient and public involvement (PPI) programme.  Grounded in evidence synthesis and horizon scanning, the series aims to understand the needs and priorities of patients and carers, to determine if they align with the current direction of research.  IMAGINE also seeks to obtain citizen insight on the health innovations in the pipeline which could effectively address key challenges and unmet needs.  We then work with key opinion leaders from health care and industry to drive toward innovative solutions to the challenges identified through our patient and public engagement.







To deliver this exciting programme of patient and public involvement activity, we work in close partnership with Voice – a citizen led organisation which exists to harness the immense experience, insights and ideas of the public to improve research and stimulate innovation.

Anyone with an interest in contributing to research can become a member of Voice to gain access to a broad range of activity through their digital platform, including workshops, events, online discussions and e-learning courses.

Opportunities to get involved in the work of the Innovation Observatory will be listed on the Voice digital platform, or alternatively you can find out more by contacting our Engagement Officer.

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