HSRIC 5-year activity report (April 2012 to March 2017)

Mar 2017

Our final contract year 2016/17, was again a busy year for HSRIC and its staff. We exceeded our contracted outputs, particularly in relation to drugs and advanced therapies, and delivered on all of our other agreed business objectives and outputs. We have summarised the activities and outputs of HSRIC over the most recent 5-year contract period, from April 2012 to the end of March 2017.


The horizon scanning team (originally Professor Andrew Stevens, Professor James Raftery and Dr Claire Packer) started work in March 1997 and over the past 5 years has:

  • identified 5,810 emerging health technologies: 4,132 new drugs and new indications for current drugs, 750 diagnostic and imaging technologies, 716 devices and implants, and 212 other technology types

  • written over 2,000 outputs for NICE, DH, NHS England, the devolved nations, others in the NHS and beyond, and our international colleagues. 

  • written 21 in-depth horizon scanning reviews on new and emerging technologies either across a patient pathway or at a specific point on a patient pathway or on a specific technology type.

  • published 30 peer-reviewed publications on our themes of horizon scanning methodology, the development and impact of technologies, future horizons and international activities.

  • Contributed and edited the seminal international methods document – the EuroScan methods toolkit which has been used by Health Departments and Agencies around the world.


All public reports can be searched on the horizon scanning website – with visitors being redirected to the website of the new horizon scanning contract holders in Newcastle from April 2017.