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AQUABEAM® aquablation system for benign prostate hyperplasia


Men's Health and Sexual Health

February 2017

The AquaBeam® system has been developed to treat enlarged prostate glands in men. The prostate is a small gland involved in the production of semen which can enlarge and cause men aged over 50 to have problems urinating. Medicines used to shrink the prostate do not always work, and surgery is then used to cut up and remove the prostate. Prostate surgery leaves patients with a small risk of urinary incontinence or problems with getting an erection. With the AquaBeam® system, the surgeon uses ultrasound to get a better image of the tissue that needs removing and a waterjet to cut out the tissue. The developer says the system may have fewer complications and may allow the patient to leave hospital sooner than with current treatments.

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