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Mirogabalin for pain due to fibromyalgia


Anaesthetics, Pain Relief and ITU

February 2017

Mirogabalin is a new drug to treat pain associated with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. Mirogabalin is taken by mouth once a day at bedtime. If licensed, mirogabalin may offer patients with fibromyalgia an additional treatment option.

Innovation Observatory Voice 2

I find it interesting that you describe Mirogabalin as a treatment for fibromyalgia & mention no other condition such as diabetic/peripheral neuropathy. A quick read of your report below indicates some benefit in combatting the symptoms of fibromyalgia in a short trial, with further reliable data only possible from a longer, 12mth+ observation.
I do not have fibromyalgia, but do have non-diabetic neuropathy, for which I take partially-beneficial Pregabalin. Hence my interest in the possibilities of Mirogabalin.
My first internet ‘hit’ about the drug was Wikipedia. It informed me the drug was formulated in Japan, where I believe it is the only country to be currently licensed? The company that formulated and trialed it concluded it was effective for diabetic neuropathy, indicated it could be effective for peripheral neuropathy, but that it was INeffective for fibromyalgia. (Effective in this regard meaning better bodily uptake & more impact on neuropathy than Pregabalin.)
So my comment/question is, what medical logic am I missing in a drug being tested here that has been already indicated as ineffective for fibromyalgia, but not being tested for possible benefit on neuropathy, where indications are it could be effective, & therefore more readily available to sufferers of another intractable condition?
Is the Japanese corporation/company mentioned as sponsor in the report below not the same company that formulated and trialed the drug in Japan? I can understand we may wish/need to run our own rigorous testing of new drugs & this has a cost. Therefore why not start first with where a drug has been indicated as effective rather than ineffective? Or do we accept already that it is effective against neuropathy? Does that mean early prescription availability?

Jane Ramsden - Posted ago

    Hello Jane, thank you for your comment and interest in the Innovation Observatory.

    As we are a Horizon Scanning organisation we look for new drugs which are being produced and possibly licenced in the UK. We do not have any input in which drugs are chosen to be tested or trialled by pharmaceutical companies, therefore I wouldn’t be able to answer your query regarding the reason behind this drug being trialled for fibromyalgia. We actually use these reports to inform NICE of drug technologies which are possibly 3-5 years from licence in Europe and NICE then use that information to assess the technologies further.

    If you have any further questions about the Innovation Observatory please feel free to email info@io.nihr.ac.uk

    Abby Scott - Posted ago

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