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Fiona Beyer

Fiona Beyer

Analyst - Evidence Synthesis

Fiona Beyer is an Evidence Synthesis Analyst at NIHR Innovation Observatory. She is also a member of the Evidence Synthesis Team in the Institute of Health & Society.  She has a background as an information specialist and systematic reviewer, and developed her expertise whilst working for the Cochrane Collaboration and the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination.  She has worked at Newcastle University for 12 years and has been involved in systematic reviews in a wide range of topics, including interventions to reduce harmful alcohol consumption, ease severe morning sickness, reduce high blood pressure, enhance outcomes for people with dementia and their carers, and improve the organisation of health care.  Fiona has a strong interest in evidence synthesis methodology and is working part-time on a PhD investigating the novel use of evidence synthesis methods to optimise the development and evaluation of complex behaviour change interventions.

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