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Prof. Mike Catt

Prof. Mike Catt

Director of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing and member of the NIHR Innovation Observatory Management Team

Michael Catt is a member of the senior leadership team for the NIHR Innovation Observatory at Newcastle University leading  In vitro Diagnostics.

Michael is  also Director of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing and a Professor of Practice in the Faculty of Medicine, Newcastle University.

Prior to moving to Newcastle University under MRC funding in 2009, Michael was Head of the ‘Healthy Ageing’ programme at Unilever Corporate Research Colworth Laboratory and  was previously Head of New Technology and Research at Unipath Diagnostics. Michael has subsequently undertaken consultancy for both multinational and SME in-vitro diagnostic and consumer health and wellbeing companies and has been both a founder and active contributor to a number of start-ups, contributing IP, technical and management expertise.

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