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Amey Vedpathak

Data Scientist

Amey is a Data Scientist aligned to our Data Science & AI Programme. 

His work includes the development and delivery of tools to allow the extraction and visualization of text from structured and unstructured data sources to support all of our programmes of work and our externally facing tools.   

Amey has both a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology and an MSc in Data Science and Analytics. His postgraduate dissertation was focused on detection of credit card fraudulent transactions using Machine Learning techniques and Conformal Prediction.  

From different roles, Amey has gained varied skills and a range of experience in creating and managing dashboards and data models, enhancing the clustering algorithm to classify client profiles, improve auto-tagging mechanism of various product descriptions using Natural Language Processing, and detect and ranking company logos from web-crawled images on social media websites. 

Amey is keen on using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in the blooming field of Health Data Science. 

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