Ligelizumab for chronic spontaneous urticaria

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Interventions: Ligelizumab (QGE 031)
Therapeutic Areas: Dermatology
Year: 2021

Ligelizumab is in clinical development for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) in adult and adolescent patients. CSU is a skin condition characterised by raised and itchy rash (wheals) and/or angioedema that has lasted for more than six weeks, in the absence of an identified external cause (spontaneous) and in some cases up to 5 or more years. Patients with CSU are twice as likely to have mental disorders such as anxiety and depression when compared with the general population, with negative effects on sleep, daily activities, school or work life, and social interactions.

Ligelizumab is developed as a subcutaneous injection to block the inflammatory processes involved in CSU. If licensed, ligelizumab would offer an alternative treatment option for adult and adolescent patients with inadequate response to antihistamine treatment.