We provide briefings on technologies to different public stakeholders, from those delivering care and research funders stimulating innovation, to policy makers and advisory bodies. Most, if not all of these briefings, will be publicly available on this website via the search window.

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Industry’s Gateway to NICE

The NIHR Innovation Observatory works closely with industry partners reporting about new drugs, devices and diagnostics to NICE and the NIHR, please take a look at our flyer to find out more about our process.

NICE will only consider reviewing a technology once it has first been through an initial filtering process managed by us at the NIHR Innovation Observatory. Therefore, if you are a company that wants to access the NICE technology appraisal process for a new product or a new use for a currently licensed or registered product, then please contact us.

The NIHR Innovation Observatory agrees to respect any confidential or commercially sensitive information provided. Confidential information will only be shared with selected national policy-makers in accordance with our confidentiality statement.




Pharmaceutical Industry

UK PharmaScan is a secure horizon scanning database populated by manufacturers with information on new medicines in development from up to three years before their launch in the UK or start of phase III clinical development, whichever is the earlier. UK PharmaScan is designed to reduce duplication of information provided to UK horizon scanning organisations and to support better NHS planning for the introduction of new medicines to patients.


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