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Insights (Public/Patient)

The Insights programme, led by Dr Fiona Pearson aims to promote an active partnership between the Innovation Observatory and the public, providing an opportunity to participate in research decision making upon early-stage identification of high-quality health and social care innovation. We recognise that patient, public and practitioner involvement, engagement, participation and outreach are complimentary elements and essential to maximising the relevance, quality and impact of innovation. Ensuring meaningful involvement of these groups in health technology innovation is integral to the Insights programme with our findings used to inform ongoing and future work.  

The programme also aims to gather intelligence on the experiences, behaviours and attitudes of relevance to health and social care innovation in particular how they are evolving over time and the potential impact that this evolution will have on the health system. Gathering of insights is completed through use of techniques grounded in theory developed through participatory and qualitative research as well as emerging ‘soft’ intelligence and horizon scanning methods. 


  • To promote an active partnership between the Innovation Observatory and the public  
  • To bring together and share intelligence on emerging health and social care innovations to gain new and meaningful insights from the public 
  • To capture citizen insight and unmet need to drive appropriate innovation development and uptake of innovation 
  • To disseminate and publish methods and insights that will enable innovation into the NHS to the benefit of patients 
  • To disseminate information, insights and research across networks and collaborations (nationally and internationally) 

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