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Devices, Diagnostics & Digital

The programme focuses on identifying new and emerging medical devices, diagnostics and digital innovations with the potential to address unmet health needs. The team utilises advanced horizon scanning tools and methods to search for new technological innovations from a variety of sources. We routinely provide current horizon scanning intelligence to national bodies such as NHS E&I, to support expedited access to innovative health technologies to NHS patients and the general public. The scope of our horizon scanning activities include the identification of technologies relevant to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of health conditions.   


  • Identifying new and emerging technological health innovations relevant to the NHS that are likely to have significant impact  
  • Bringing together comprehensive intelligence on emerging technological innovations to gain new and meaningful insights 
  • Developing future-oriented methods and tools that allow us to identify emerging challenges and opportunities for transforming care pathways through technology-enabled innovations   
  • Disseminating information, insights and research across networks and collaborations (nationally and internationally)  

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