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The Medicines Programme has a broad remit to provide national stakeholders with timely data and intelligence on ‘innovative medicines’ in the development pipeline for human use. There is a particular focus on those that will become available for patient access in the NHS within a 3 – 5-year timeframe.  We utilise systematic, cutting-edge horizon-scanning methodologies and tools to identify, track and predict the clinical and regulatory development pathway of these innovative medicines ahead of obtaining a marketing authorisation/product launch in the UK. 

We have developed a bespoke, comprehensive database, the Medicines Innovation Database (MInD) that triangulates intelligence from: 

  •  ‘hard data sources (clinical trials registries, research funders, regulatory authorities),  
  • ‘soft’ intel (news/media, social media) & 
  •  ‘pharma’ intel (company websites, press releases, direct engagement with companies).   

The MInD consists of unique technology records [innovative medicine(s) + target indication(s)] that provides the team with a clear and complete picture of the clinical/innovation profile and regulatory status of each technology record. 

The intelligence collated on the MInD supports the topic selection and prioritisation activities of health technology assessment (HTA) stakeholders that includes the NICE TA/HST programmes, the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) work-streams and various NHSE&I programmes.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry are also actively engaged as part of the Medicines Programme activities to ensure that the most reliable and accurate intelligence are provided to national stakeholders to inform timely assessment and facilitate expedited market access at regulatory approval/product launch. 

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