We provide briefings on technologies to different public stakeholders, from those delivering care and research funders stimulating innovation, to policy makers and advisory bodies. Most, if not all of these briefings, will be publicly available on this website via the search window.

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Let Us Know About Your New Technology

Would you like to tell us about a new health technology that is not yet available to patients?

If so, you can either:

  • Contact NIHR Innovation Observatory by emailing info@io.nihr.ac.uk in the first instance.
  • The information you provide will be sent to the NIHR Innovation Observatory administrative team and held in confidence.
  • The topic will be investigated by the most relevant Centre staff who will consider its likely relevance and significance to patients and the health service.


We undertake to respect any confidential or commercially sensitive information you provide. Please read our confidentiality statement if you are concerned or contact us on the email above to discuss.


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