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July 2018

European Health Innovation Collaborative (EuHIC) 2018

It’s not yet common place for a healthcare conference to put the patient voice first, but that’s exactly what EuHIC 2018 organisers were striving to do, and something they achieved with ease.

February 2018


In November 2017, we were proud to attend the INVOLVE at 21 conference at Church House, London.

February 2018

NCCPE Engage Conference 2017 – Exploring Collaboration

In early December 2017 we made our way down to Bristol for the much anticipated annual Engage conference, organised by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).

December 2017

Medical Innovation and Brexit; Beyond Geographic Location

The past month saw Holland edge a head to head battle with Italy to host the European Medicines Agency. The move from London to Amsterdam exposes the depth of impact of Brexit. Although some Brits may struggle with being European, in the medical world we are tied together with an umbilicus – from research to …

December 2017

OSTEBA. Basque Office for HTA – Bilbao – October 2017

The EuroScan International Network is a collaborative network of agencies and an association of individuals and institutions for the sharing of information and development of methods for the early identification of important emerging or obsolete health-related technologies. By improving data collection, the sharing of information, innovation and best practices, EuroScan’s approach can improve the use …

December 2017

The Newcastle Rare Disease Showcase – October 2017

  The conference began with an introduction to Findacure, which is a UK charity that builds the rare diseases community to drive research and develop treatments. It works towards empowering patients through online portal, webinars, patient workshops, peer mentoring and raising awareness. The conference threw light on rare diseases in the UK such as fibrodysplasia, …

November 2017

NHS Expo 2017

2017 saw over 5,000 delegates arrive in Manchester for the NHS England 2017 Expo

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