Goodbye from the HSRIC team in Birmingham

Mar 2017

This is the last news bulletin from the Horizon Scanning Research and Intelligence Centre (HSRIC) at the University of Birmingham. As previously reported, on the 31st March 2017 and after 20 years, HSRIC is closing in Birmingham with the NIHR horizon scanning contract moving to a newly formed centre in Newcastle. All the HSRIC briefings, alerts and reviews posted on the HSRIC website will remain accessible on the Internet, with visitors being redirected to the new Innovation Observatory website. 


The Innovation Observatory in Newcastle will apply state-of-the-art data analytics to explore trends in health innovation across drugs, medical technologies, diagnostic tools and healthcare services in order to shape the future of health advances to provide better and more efficient healthcare for patients and the wider public. The NIHR Innovation Observatory will be hosted by the National Innovation Centre for Ageing, National Institute for Smart Data Innovation, and Newcastle Academic Health Partners.


I and the HSRIC team would like to thank all past and present staff, and all of the clinical and technology experts, industry contacts and collaborators, patients, carers and the public who have worked with and/or assisted us at any point in the last 20 years.


Claire Packer