Portable neuromodulation stimulator for multiple sclerosis

March 2017
Technology Description:

The Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator or PoNS™, developed by Helius Medical Technologies, is a non-invasive device that is designed to deliver neurostimulation through the tongue to improve balance and gait in patients with advanced multiple sclerosis (MS). The device is intended to be used as part of targeted functional therapy called Cranial Nerve Non-Invasive Neuromodulation (CN-NINM) in combination with rehabilitation.


The PoNS™ is placed on the tongue, where it painlessly stimulates the tongue with electrical pulses. Stimulation of the trigeminal and facial nerves from the tongue delivers electrical signals directly into the brain stem and from there to the rest of the brain. The electrical stimulation is combined with physical, occupational, relaxation and cognitive exercises, based on the patient's needs. For example, the patient may be instructed to run on a treadmill or stand on one leg for a period of time whilst undergoing the stimulation.