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Using Twitter to track public opinion in the UK about mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal Article Methods 2021 View  |  Website 
Using Natural Language Processing to Explore Mental Health Insights from UK Tweets During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Infodemiology Study Journal Article Methods 2022 View  |  Website 
The Systematic Review Toolbox: keeping up to date with tools to support evidence synthesis Journal Article Methods 2022 View  |  Website 
ScanMedicine: An online search system for medical innovation Journal Article Methods 2023 View  |  Website 
OP223 A Semi-Automated Process To Monitor The Clinical Development And Regulatory Approval Pathway Of Innovative Medicines Journal Article Methods 2021 View  |  Website 
OP218 Searching Preprint Repositories For COVID-19 Therapeutics Using A Semi-Automated Text-Mining Tool Conference Methods 2021 View  |  Website 
Leveraging Twitter to Track Global Views on Pharmacological Treatments for Mental Health Conditions: A Natural Language Processing Study Journal Article Methods , Therapeutics 2021 View  |  Website 
Investigation of text-mining methodologies to aid the construction of search strategies in systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy—a case study Journal Article Methods 2022 View  |  Website 
Horizon scanning of innovative medicines, devices, diagnostics and digital technologies for stakeholders in England Conference Methods 2021 View  |  Download
Future Developments and New Technologies in the field of Faecal Incontinence: Scanning the Horizon Using Late-Stage Clinical Trial Registrations Journal Article Devices , Methods , Therapeutics 2022 View  |  Website 
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