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Horizon Scanning Final Report: Identification of Surgical Site Infection Technologies 

Post Type: Report
Technology Category: Devices , Diagnostics
Year: 2022

In this report, the Innovation Observatory has provided a horizon scan of MedTech innovations with the potential to reduce demand for antimicrobials through SSI detection and monitoring. This landscape aims to allow the NHSE & I’s AMR Programme Board to evaluate the potential impact of these SSI innovations and to identify promising technologies for use within the NHS. Within, we report on 51 technologies across 11 countries with a particular focus on insights in monitoring innovations, tele-health, and antimicrobial susceptibility testing and pathogen detection for SSI. In addition to those technologies for use in detection and monitoring, we report on other innovations of interest (n = 118), the majority of which are intended for use in the prevention of SSI, with a select few treatment implications.