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Rapid Technology Scan: Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) and the Prevention of the Generation of Aerosols

Post Type: Report
Technology Category: Devices
Year: 2021

The Innovation Observatory performed a scan of respiratory technologies that prevent/mitigate aerosol generation in May 2021, using robust horizon scanning methods to identify promising innovations and to anticipate technological trends.

We developed a detailed dataset of technologies by formulating search strategies for respiratory technologies, based on a comprehensive list of terms and input from expert panels. Primary and secondary sources were systematically scanned using a combination of traditional scanning methods, automated and novel AI/machine learning techniques.

Sources included clinical trial registries, MedTech news, academic sources, funding agencies, commercial sites and regulatory authorities. Together the insights provide a comprehensive landscape to allow decision-makers and HTAs to consider the clinical, financial, infrastructural and logistical provisions to improve preparedness for the potential adoption of these innovations.