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Estetrol for treating vasomotor symptoms


Gynaecology, Women's Sexual Health and Benign Breast Disease

October 2021

Estetrol is currently in development for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms experienced during the menopause. Vasomotor symptoms, mainly categorised as hot flushes, are often described as a sudden feeling of heat that spreads throughout the body. They can cause intense embarrassment and inconvenience to women with reports of a reduced quality of life for women who experience them. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the recognised treatment; however, current therapies have significant health risks associated with them, highlighting the need for new, safer treatments.
Estetrol is an orally administered naturally occurring oestrogen (hormone) that exerts less effect on some organs in the body, reducing some unwanted side effects when compared with other oestrogens. Increasing oestrogen reduces vasomotor symptoms. If licensed, estetrol would offer an additional treatment option for menopausal women who are currently suffering from vasomotor symptoms (hot flushes).

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