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Erin Pennock


Erin is an analyst working across all programmes, with a focus onmedtech. She uses a variety of horizon scanning methodologies to monitor and report new, emerging health technologies. Erin is involved in producing technology briefings for NICE and constructing reports on innovative technologies for stakeholders. 

Erin gained her BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from Newcastle University in 2022 and is now studying part-time towards a MSc in Public Health, also at Newcastle University, whilst working at the NIHR Innovation Observatory. Previously, Erin has worked with cancer registry data to assess inequalities in treatment for oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer. She has also worked with longitudinal cohort study data to assess childhood health outcomes, resulting in an undergraduate publication in November 2023 Erin has a specific interest in using epidemiological methods within public health research to reduce inequalities and gaps in treatment pathways. 

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