Alpelisib in Combination with Fulvestrant for Advanced HR Positive, HER2-negative Breast Cancer in Men and Postmenopausal Women

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Indications: Breast cancer
Therapeutic Areas: Breast Cancer
Year: 2017

Alpelisib is a new drug that is being developed for patients with the HR+/HER2- type of advanced breast cancer. The drug is being developed to be given in combination with fulvestrant, a drug that is already in use for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. Alpelisib targets a very specific enzyme that transmits signals to cells, stopping the growth and survival of cancer cells. Alpelisib is taken orally while fulvestrant is given by injection. If approved, the combination of both drugs will offer additional treatment options for patients with advanced HR+/HER2- breast cancer that have not responded well to other drugs.