Cysteamine bitartrate (Procysbi) delayed release for Huntington’s Disease

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Indications: Huntington's disease
Therapeutic Areas: Genetic Disorders , Neurology
Year: 2017

Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited progressive brain disorder, which destroys brain cells. It usually appears in a person’s thirties or forties with early symptoms of the disease including irritability, depression, small involuntary movements, poor coordination, and trouble learning new information. Once these symptoms started, patients are expected to live 15 to 20 more years.There is no cure for the disease and currently its progress cannot be reversed or slowed down. However, some of the symptoms of the disease can be managed with medication and therapies.If licensed, cysteamine bitartrate will offer a viable treatment option for patients with Huntington’s disease which may stall neural degeneration and clinical decline; slowing the progression of the disease.