Daridorexant for Insomnia

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Indications: Insomnia
Therapeutic Areas: Neurology
Year: 2020

Daridorexant is a medicinal product in clinical development for the treatment of adults with insomnia. Insomnia means regularly having problems sleeping, which results in impaired daytime functioning. Insomnia can be categorised according to its duration, into short-term insomnia (lasting less than 4 weeks) and long-term (or persistent) insomnia (lasting 4 weeks or longer).
Daridorexant is a drug which reduces excessive alertness, in contrast to treatments of insomnia that sedates the central nervous system. As a result, daridorexant offers the potential to induce and maintain sleep, through all stages of sleep. Daridorexant is quickly absorbed in the body, resulting in a fast onset of action. Daridorexant is given orally as tablets. If licensed, daridorexant could represent an additional treatment option for patients with insomnia.