Durvalumab in combination with Tremelimumab and Standard of Care Chemotherapy for EGFR Negative, ALK Negative Metastatic NSCLC– First Line

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Therapeutic Areas: Lung and Respiratory Cancer
Year: 2018

Durvalumab in combination with tremelimumab is being developed to be added to current standard of care chemotherapy for the treatment of patients with NSCLC who do not have the EGFR and ALK gene mutation. Both drugs are administered by intravenous infusions and act in different unique ways to stimulate the body’s natural defences that fight the cancer cells. The combined effect of this potentially produces a stronger and more targeted immune response against the cancer cells when compared to current treatment. If licensed, durvalumab in combination with tremelimumab added to standard chemotherapy could provide a new first line treatment alternative to chemotherapy alone.