ECCS-50 (Cytori stem cell therapy) for moderate to severe hand dysfunction due to Scleroderma

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Indications: Hand dysfunction
Therapeutic Areas: Dermatology , Musculoskeletal System
Year: 2017

ECCS-50 (Cytori stem cell therapy) is a new treatment intended for the treatment of moderate to severe hand problems in people with scleroderma. It involves taking stem cells (a cell with the potential to become any cell type) from patient’s fat tissue and reinjecting these cells into the hands. Clinical trials on ECCS-50 are currently being conducted to determine if this treatment could improve hand symptoms and function in people with scleroderma.If ECCS-50 was licenced in the UK, it could provide a new treatment option for people with moderate to severe hand problems due to scleroderma, which may improve hand symptoms and function.