Netarsudil plus latanoprost (Roclatan) for glaucoma or ocular hypertension

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Indications: Glaucoma , Ocular hypertension
Therapeutic Areas: Ophthalmology
Year: 2017

Glaucoma describes a group of disorders characterised by sight loss. Glaucoma is generally associated with high pressure in the liquids inside the eye but it can happen when the pressure level is normal. Individuals with consistently high eye pressure are at risk of developing glaucoma. Glaucoma does not normally cause any symptoms but once eye sight is lost it cannot be recovered. Approximately one in every ten blindness registrations is due to glaucoma. There are approximately half a million people living with glaucoma in England.
Current treatment options include a number of different eye drop formulations to stop internal eye pressure raising. If the eye drops do not work and glaucoma is diagnosed, laser therapy or eye surgery can also be used to stop sight loss. Roclatan is a fixed dose combination of two drugs, netarsudil and latanoprost, which is widely used to treat eye pressure. Individually, both drugs act in different and unique ways to lower the pressure in the eye. When used in combination, both drugs have a potential to produce a stronger and more sustained effect. If licenced, Roclatan has the potential to be more effective at lowering eye pressure when compared to current treatment options.