Risankizumab (by subcutaneous injection) for Active Psoriatic Arthritis After Inadequate Control or Intolerance to Conventional Drugs

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Indications: Psoriatic arthritis
Therapeutic Areas: Dermatology , Rheumatology
Year: 2017

Risankizumab is a drug which is injected into the skin. It works in a unique way by blocking an important molecule in inflammation from a process which allows the body’s immune cells (specifically T-cells) to activate other immune cells and release substances which cause inflammation (cytokines). Risankizumab is currently being trialled in a range of diseases involving the immune system including plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and Crohn’s disease. If licensed, risankizumab will offer an additional treatment option for patients with active psoriatic arthritis which is not adequately controlled by the drugs offered in the existing treatment pathway.