SAGE-547 for super-refractory status epilepticus

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Therapeutic Areas: Neurology
Year: 2017

Status epilepticus is a single epileptic seizure lasting more than five minutes or two or more seizures within a five-minute period without the person returning to baseline between them. Status epilepticus is categorized as early, established, refractory and super-refractory. Patients with refractory status epilepticus (RSE) have failed first and second line agents (typically benzodiazepines and other antiepileptic medication) and are generally treated with anaesthetic therapy. Super-refractory status epilepticus (SRSE) is defined as status epilepticus that continues or recurs 24 hours or more after the onset of anaesthetic therapy, including those cases where status epilepticus recurs on the reduction or withdrawal of anaesthesia.
SAGE-547 is a novel investigational drug which is being studied in clinical development as an adjunct therapy for the treatment of super-refractory statu