Viaskin Peanut – peanut allergy immunotherapy (DBV 712; EPIT Peanut) for paediatric patients aged 4-11

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Interventions: DBV-712 (Viaskin peanut)
Indications: Peanut allergy
Therapeutic Areas: Immunology
Year: 2017

Viaskin Peanut is a novel form of allergy immunotherapy in development. A patch worn on intact skin is used to deliver peanut allergens. The allergens are given to trigger an effect in the immune system with the aim of desensitising an allergy sufferer to peanuts and reducing future reactions to the allergen. The patch is targeted at children aged 4-11 who currently follow a peanut-free diet and are at risk of severe, life-threatening reactions when accidentally exposed to peanuts.Advanced-stage clinical trials are currently being conducted in this population. A peanut desensitisation service is not currently provided by the NHS.