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Search technology briefings produced by NIHR Innovation Observatory. These are short reports on new or repurposed medicines that we have already sent to our stakeholders. Only those technologies (medicines) that are within the scope of our stakeholders will have a technology briefing available.  Search our technology briefings by intervention (drug or device), specific indication (disease or condition), or general therapeutic area.

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Intervention Indication Therapeutic Area Year Actions
Zavegepant for treating acute migraine Zavegepant (BHV-3500) Migraine Neurology 2024 View  |  Download
Ublituximab for treating multiple sclerosis Ublituximab (TG-1101; LFB-R603) Multiple sclerosis (MS) Neurology 2022 View  |  Download
Troriluzole for spinocerebellar ataxia Troriluzole Spinocerebellar ataxia Genetic Disorders , Neurology 2024 View  |  Download
Trofinetide for Rett syndrome Trofinetide (NNZ-2566) Rett syndrome Genetic Disorders , Neurology 2021 View  |  Download
Tolebrutinib for treating relapsing multiple sclerosis Tolebrutinib (PRN-2246;SAR-442168) Multiple sclerosis (MS) Neurology 2023 View  |  Download
Tolebrutinib for treating relapsing and progressive forms of multiple sclerosis Tolebrutinib (PRN-2246;SAR-442168) Multiple sclerosis (MS) Neurology 2023 View  |  Download
Tofersen for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis caused by mutations in the SOD1 gene Tofersen sodium (BIIB067) Motor neurone disease (MND or ALS) Neurology 2020 View  |  Download
Tiratricol for treating monocarboxylate transporter 8 deficiency (Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome) Tiratricol Monocarboxylate transporter 8 deficiency (Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome) Genetic Disorders , Neurology 2022 View  |  Download
Tideglusib for congenital myotonic dystrophy Tideglusib (AMO-02; Zentylor; Nypta; NP031112) Myotonic dystrophy Genetic Disorders , Musculoskeletal System , Neurology 2020 View  |  Download
STS101 for the acute treatment of migraine STS-101 (TO-2070, dihydroergotamine) Migraine Neurology 2022 View  |  Download
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