Daprodustat for anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease

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Interventions: Daprodustat (GSK1278863)
Indications: Anaemia
Year: 2021

Daprodustat is in clinical development for people with anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Anaemia is the term used to describe a decrease in normal levels of red blood cells and is assessed by the level of haemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen throughout the body. Anaemia commonly occurs in patients with kidney dysfunction because the kidneys no longer produce sufficient amounts of a hormone which stimulates red blood cell production. Patients with CKD or kidney failure often experience varying degrees of anaemia as their disease progresses. This limits oxygen delivery to tissues, contributing to symptoms such as weakness and fatigue.
Daprodustat is a novel oral medicinal product that blocks an enzyme called prolyl hydroxylase, leading to the promotion of the production of red blood cells. For many patients with CKD, treating anaemia comes with risks associated with cardiovascular safety and injectable administration. If approved, daprodustat may offer a potential alternative oral treatment option that could address some of these risks.