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Search technology briefings produced by NIHR Innovation Observatory. These are short reports on new or repurposed medicines that we have already sent to our stakeholders. Only those technologies (medicines) that are within the scope of our stakeholders will have a technology briefing available.  Search our technology briefings by intervention (drug or device), specific indication (disease or condition), or general therapeutic area.

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Intervention Indication Therapeutic Area Year Actions
Amivantamab with chemotherapy for previously untreated advanced EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations positive non-small cell lung cancer Amivantamab (JNJ-6372; JNJ-61186372) , Chemotherapy Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Lung and Respiratory Cancer 2022 View  |  Download
Amivantamab for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer Amivantamab (JNJ-6372; JNJ-61186372) Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Lung and Respiratory Cancer 2021 View  |  Download
AMG 510 for KRAS G12c mutated metastatic non-small cell lung cancer - after prior standard therapy Sotorasib (AMG 510) Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Lung and Respiratory Cancer 2020 View  |  Download
ALXN 1210 for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria – First Line Ravulizumab (ALXN1210; Ultomiris) Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH) Haematology 2017 View  |  Download
Alpelisib in Combination with Fulvestrant for Advanced HR Positive, HER2-negative Breast Cancer in Men and Postmenopausal Women Alpelisib (BYL719; Piqray) , Fulvestrant (Faslodex) Breast cancer Breast Cancer 2017 View  |  Download
Afamitresgene autoleucel for advanced synovial sarcoma or myxoid/round cell liposarcoma ADP-A2M4 (MAGE-A4 SPEAR T-cell) Soft tissue sarcoma , Synovial sarcoma Sarcoma 2021 View  |  Download
Aducanumab for mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease Aducanumab (BIIB037) Cognitive impairment Neurology 2020 View  |  Download
Adstiladrin for high-grade, BCG unresponsive non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer Adstiladrin (Nadofaragene firadenovec; rAd-IFN/Syn3; Instiladrin) Bladder cancer Urological Cancer 2019 View  |  Download
Acalabrutinib with bendamustine and rituximab for treating previously untreated mantle cell lymphoma Acalabrutinib (Calquence; ACP-196) , Bendamustine (Treanda; EP-3102; Levact; Ribomustin; bendamustine hydrochloride monohydrate; bendamustine hydrochloride) , Rituximab (MabThera; Rituxan; RG 105) Mantle cell lymphoma Haematological Cancer and Lymphomas 2022 View  |  Download
Acalabrutinib for relapsed/refractory Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Acalabrutinib (Calquence; ACP-196) Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) Haematological Cancer and Lymphomas 2019 View  |  Download
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